About Us

After our second daughter was born, I promised myself I would not succumb to "losing myself in motherhood". A common phrase that will only ring true once you experience it for yourself. I knew exactly what this was like after our first; it had happened to me. With that in mind, I was on a mission to maintain my sense of self through motherhood. I tried endlessly to shop for clothes to fit my new body and new life. I wanted to find items that I could wear now and later, not just for this short period of time. I was met with ill-fitting, cookie cutter versions of trends that seemed to not take the new version of me into consideration. After countless try-ons, returns, and less-than-confidence-boosting fitting room experiences, I finally got a hold on it. I had finally assembled a wardrobe of nursing-friendly, postpartum approved, do-anything pieces. In other words, clothes that make you feel good. I was dying to share what I'd found, because I knew I was not alone. Thus, aeline collective was born. A curated collection of ageless pieces meant to carry you through an ever-changing lifestyle. Named after the most-flattering silhouette of them all, and my grandmother, Elaine; the fashion matriarch of our family. I hope you can find something here that makes YOU feel good in any season of life.
 ashley elizabeth wehby